Venhouse Accident Care

Accidents can and do happen to anybody, at anytime and in anywhere – often when you least expect them. With Venhouse Accident Care (VAC), we provide you with a 24-hour worldwide protection and the peace of mind.


VAC is an innovative Personal Accident package specially designed to provide a comprehensive range of personal accident benefits payable upon death or injuries as a result of an accident.



1. Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement up to HK$5,000,000.

2. Free Double Indemnity for traveling as a passenger in any public conveyance, robbery or gun crime wherein being an innocent victim

3. Free Double Indemnity for student injured by chemical attack, food poisoning, poisonous gas in school, as well as traveling as a passenger in school bus

4. Free coverage for accidental major burns

5. Free coverage for accidental death or injury due to severe weather

6. Free coverage for terrorism extension

7. Free coverage for burial cost for accidental death

8. Free coverage for accidental medical expenses up to HK$10,000 including bonesetter

9. Free coverage for personal effect due to accident

10. Free 24-hours Emergency Assistance

11. Renewal Bonus up to 50% of basic sum insured


Simple Occupational Classification
Category A:

Professions and occupations involving non-manual or simple manual work mainly of a non-hazardous nature such as Accountants, Auditors, Bankers, Commercial Travellers, Doctors, Drivers (Private Cars only), Hairdressers, Housewives, Lawyers, Messengers, Nurses, Photographers, Surveyors, Tailors, Teachers and Waiters.


Category B:

Professions and occupations involving manual work not of particularly hazardous nature such as Bakers, Garment Workers, Cooks, Drivers (Commercial Vehicles), Electricians, Goldsmiths, Hawkers, Interior Decorators, Locksmiths, Mechanists, Packers, Plumbers, Printers and Transportation Contractors.


Category C:

Full-time students aged 24 or below and children aged 18 or below.